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How does your company want to connect to the emerging workforce?

Open the eyes of a new generation to the rewards of a career in electronics.

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We need venues, equipment, and instructors to engage students where they are. How can your company help engage students in High School and College?

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We are launching 50 IPC Student Chapters this year. We can connect you with Engineering students at 4-year and 2-year institutions. Make connections and mentor the emerging workforce.

Tell Us Your Story

Your company may already be encouraging young people to join our industry. Let us know what you're already doing. We'd love to promote it and maybe we can help too.

Work with the IPC Education Foundation and be a Workforce Champion

Share the experiences that contributed to your success.

Together we can reach the emerging workforce and make a difference.

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The event absolutely inspired the students! A picture is worth a thousand words, but an experience like this is worth much more.

Bob O'Neill, San Marcos High 
CTE Engineering and Robotics Teacher

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