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CIS White Paper Cover

Complex Integrated Systems: The Future of Electronics Manufacturing – A White Paper from iNEMI/IPC

Complex integrated systems (CIS) combine different types of functions, such as digital, analog, optical, micro-mechanical, etc., in a single system. Many critical CIS applications that are now scaling into mass adoption, require increasing levels of integration across heterogeneous technologies. Demands are inspiring product designers to seek innovative designs, materials, and assembly processes to manufacture complex integrated system enabled products.

To begin to address these needs, iNEMI and IPC have collaborated on a white paper that describes key applications for CIS to meet industry goals. Key topic areas include:

  • Sample use cases
  • Pending changes to the manufacturing ecosystem for high-volume electronics, including shifting roles within that ecosystem
  • Impacts on the complete product lifecycle, focusing on design, sustainability, smart manufacturing, test and reliability
  • Roadmapping technical needs, gaps, challenges and solutions
  • Recommendations and calls to action for industry

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